About Stephanie

During her training, Stephanie gained a post graduate degree in applied nutrition specializing in sports nutrition from the Department of Nutrition at Otago University in NZ. She is also a graduate of the Home Science School at Otago University as well as holding a teaching qualification from Christchurch College of Education.

Stephanie is known in the nutrition industry for her scientific approach to nutrition and her charismatic style, which helps to motivate clients to make positive and meaningful changes to their health. Her approach is to take small steps starting with getting blood glucose under control without being clouded with restrictive food intake, balancing key nutrients and working on neuro-transmitters to help with motivation.

Digging deeper into health issues often helps get to the heart of underlying cause, and many people come to see her to help avoid going on a future lifetime of medication, as well as to put together many unexplained wellness problems. Whether a time to turn around health before it cascades out of control or to identify and correct road blocks and detours in biochemical pathways and metabolism, nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation is the obvious place to start. Incorporating her knowledge and unique approach, the new generation of nutritional supplements and combinations are recommended to support the body against the stresses and strains of modern day life, and make up for shortfalls in diet.

As well as a well-established medical consulting practice consulting directly with clients, Stephanie is well known in the corporate sector talking with bigger audiences and at a wide range of health events. Along with her flare for engaging with her audience, her knowledge and empathy to feel well, be heard and understood, bridges many barriers to help people believe they can regain their health and old self. Her many years living and practicing in foreign countries and the Middle East as well as her kiwi urge to travel, has tooled her up to develop unique menus across many different cuisines.

Stephanie regularly writes for magazines and newspapers; and is often invited to comment on a host of nutritional matters in the National, Gulf News, Khalij Times and local radio and TV. She has a regular monthly column in the local Parent Plus magazine where her knowledge of nutrition therapy for supporting autism spectrum is a favourite forum as well as recognizing issues facing Mums and Dads as they start to age.

Stephanie is well networked in the UAE with supplement suppliers, tailored food delivery companies, the Organic Foods Café and Warehouse, and other specialist food outlets and suppliers.

Stephanie is a member of the New Zealand Dietetic Association as an Applied Nutritionist and her local gym, Fit Republik in Sports City. She is a keen cyclist and heads for Al Qudra cycle track most weeks when not heading to the mountains to ski.

You can set up a consultation at Up and Running Sports Medicine Center, 675 Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah, Dubai or email stephaniek@upandrunningdubai.com or cal 04 518 5400 to make an appointment.

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